A Review on Metal Gear Solid V

Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment (aka.Kojima Productions)

Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment

Genre: Action, Adventure



Metal Gear Solid V:     Phantom Pain Ground Zero
PC 60€ 20€ Steam
PS4 37€ 16€ Amazon
Xbox One 37€ 10€ Amazon


What is Metal Gear Solid (MGS)?

How could somebody not know what MGS is? But Whatever.

Metal Gear Solid is a action, adventure Stealth game Franchise which are very Story driven.

The Story/-ies mostly revolve around infiltrating an Enemy base and destroying a nuclear Mech (aka Metal Gear/-s).

In case of MGSV GZ/PP , you play in a Open world where you can choose how you want to handle the situation. But the story suffers a bit.


Personal opinion

I love this,the freedom it gives the player to do whatever you want is awesome.

even if  the story sucks a bit. But still I would recommended it for the gameplay alone.





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